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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bozicna akcija u Topfishing-u

U Topfishing-u na adresi Jablanska 82 u Rudešu, od 9. prosinca kreće božićna akcija (traje do 14. prosinca) na kojoj će kompletan asortiman biti snižen za 20% za gotovinu, a 15% na sve kartice, te uz samu akcijsku prodaju, početi će i nagradna igra u kojoj će najsretniji kupac osvojiti „Poklon bon od 5000,00 kn u Topfishing-u“. Kako sudjelovati u nagradnoj igri? Vrlo jednostavno: s kupnjom robe od 200 kuna, dobijete kupon kojeg ispunjavate i bacate u nagradnu kutiju, a ako recimo potrošite 1000,00 kn, dobivate 5 takvih kupona. Znači, 200 kn=1 kupon, a 31.01, će se u 18.00 sati u Topfishing-u izvući sretan dobitnik koji će kući otići s robom u iznosu od 5000,00 kn, a najbitnije je spomenuti da je roba po izboru...
Uz akcijsku prodaju, „Sexy Baka Mraz“ je naredila ekipi u Topfishing-u da organiziraju i varaličarski Kup koji je dobio naziv „Sexy Baka Mraz“, koji će se održati na jezeru Ontario 22.prosinca ove godine...


Friday, November 22, 2013


New SAVAGEAR 3D CRAYFISH lure is available in Croatia now!

Already proven for bass and pike, but I'm pretty sure this lure will be just as successful at sea.
Check this cool promotional video made by Dalien.

In Croatia you can buy this lure in Topfishing shop (Zagreb, Jablanska cesta 82), or you can make online order:

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sakura Slit Shad excellent lure for sea bass

I'm so excited about this lure these days. Results we had in last few sea bass spin fishing left me without words, so I must admit that I'm impressed with this silicone lures. Sakura Slit Shad silicone lures in sizes 7,5 cm and 8,5 in colors Sexy Shad, Blue Back for day and Ghost White for night. Get it! :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pike fishing at Oresje lake

This is short teaser for those who are thinking of where to go for pike fishing near Zagreb.
Oresje lake is good option. Daily fishing license will cost you just 60 kn (less than 10 euros) for what you can have great fun at the lake, especially if you like top water action. Weedless lures are recommended in grassy areas with water lilies. Also, you can try with top water frogs or any other type of lures.  Fly fishing with big pike streamers is also good option. For more info about lake you should visit site http://www.srd-oresje.com/ .

Monday, October 21, 2013

Gilthead Seabream spin fishing?

gilthead seabream / photo: Goran Crnjac
An interesting catch happened while we were spinning for sea-bass at one shallow sea bay this Sunday. Fist cast with Sakura Slit Shad mounted to 8 gr jig head ended with nice fight and this beautiful gilthead seabream, to my surprise.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Peđini vobleri i jerkovi

Jedna od najljepših stvari u ribolovu je kada prevarite ribu na umjetni mamac koji ste sami izradili. 
Peđa izrađuje voblere već dugi niz godina i uspješno lovi njih. U međuvremenu širi se krug ribolovaca koji imaju prilike isprobati ove kvalitetne, ručno izrađene varalice, a posebno su popularni Peđini jerkovi za lov štuka. Izrađeni od mahagonija gotovo su neuništivi, pa će pokoja štuka prije ostati bez zuba, nego naškoditi varalici. Ako se želite pridružiti Kruni, Mrvi i ostalim ribolovcima koji se igraju ovim šarenim igračkama ili imate svoje ideje za izradu voblera koje ne možete samostalno sprovesti u dijelo, slobodno se javite Peđi (0915491786).

Sunday, October 6, 2013

White color

White is perhaps the most effective color for many types of fish, especially for nocturnal predators like pike perch.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Missing lure

After a long time I went to short fishing at the river Sava, and it was good. In three hours of fishing I had 2 chub, 2 pike perch and I was quite surprised when I saw that lure (Duo Vibration 68) completely disappeared in the throat of this decent asp.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dani Savagear pribora u Topfishing-u

Ribolovna trgovina Topfishing u 2013. god uz mnogobrojne inovativnosti, akcije, sniženja, kupovine 3+1, 4+1, nagradne igre, tombole, te širenje asortimana i prostora, ponovo sprema veliki jesenski Savagear show pod nazivom: «Samo je u Topfishingu Savagear tjedan, a dobitnik nagrade od 100 SG varalica je samo jedan»! Naime, Topfishing sprema veliku jesensku Savagear akciju u razdoblju od 14.-19.10.2013. gdje će sav Savagear asortiman biti na 20% akciji!

Uz to što će ljubitelji ovog svjetski poznatog brenda uštediti prilikom kupnje, sudjelovati će u najvećoj varaličarskoj nagradnoj igri zabilježenoj u našoj zemlji. Naime, svaki kupac koji kupi Savagear vobler ili paket silikonaca dobiti će kupon kojeg će ispuniti te baciti u nagradnu kutiju, a ako kupi 5 varalica dobiti će 5 kupona - znači koliko voblera ili paketa varalica toliko kupona.  A dan 21. listopad je za nekoga naaaaajsretniji dan jer će se u Topfishingu u 18.00h održati službeno izvlačenje dobitnika 100 Savagear najprodavanijih varalica u ukupnoj vrijednosti od cca 7000,00 kn.

 Više informacija možete pronaći na sljedećem linku http://www.ribolov.net/aktualno/akcije-ducana/topfishing/273-svi-savagear-artikli-na-20 ili direktno u trgovini u Rudešu.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Night catfish sessions

Duo Realis Crank M65 8A is a definitely my new catfish favorite lure. Originally made for bass, but is excellent for European catfish too. Especially during my night sessions on a local river. After just a few fishing with this lure, it forced me to have complete confidence in him. Holding and slowly retrieving it in the river, you can feel wobbling action and vibration at any time. His floating abilities are perfect for summer time, because it will not grab weed so much from the bottom, like other sinking lures do, and you can control the depth of the dive. And catfish like it so much. Just give it at least 15 minutes of chance to bite it at one good spot, and than change spot for another. If catfish is swimming around, it will be attracted by sound and vibrations of this lure. During night while hunting the prey, catfish are swimming close to the surface. Once they meet this lure, attack will follow, and do not be surprised if lure will be found deeply in catfish throat. 

Taka is on Euro tour 2013

Remember Taka?
Takatoshi Murase Taka or T is on Euro tour, fishing in Germany, Portugal, Austria, Hungary, Spain and Croatia this summer. We meet at Hungary at Belavar lakes and full story about Taka you will be reading in a new issue of Prakticni Ribolov magazine, here in Croatia. Taka received a small gift form Topfishing store from Zagreb, a nice t-shirt and a package of Sakura silicone lures, as a support for the tour.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Golden queen of river rapids

Sava is amazing river. I am sure that in the larger area you can't find other river that offers fishing adventures as you can have it here around Zagreb. Big asp and chub, pike perch, pike and catfish are species you can target with lures, but there is one species that isn't typical carnivore and here is acting like the greatest robber attacking small minnow fish. We do not know what is causing this behavior, probably large amounts of small whitefish that is common food for all fish species here, but in joke we are saying that it may be a nuclear power plant which was built on the river upstream in Slovenia, that makes some fish species here so big and aggressive like barbel.

Barbel, the golden queen of river rapids is commonly fished with different types of minnow like plastic and silicone lures and can be fished with streamers, nymphs and jigs too. There is one lure that is perfect for this type of fishing. Duo Realis Shad 59MR gave me some good chub, but barbel absolutely love it or hate it that much that in some areas of river it is almost sure it will be violently attacked by this beautiful and powerful fish. Some colors works better than other, but Neo Perl is a winner. On river Sava you can even see how barbel attack small fish. You just need to put this lure in area behind large rocks where river rapids are created, hold it in right position where lure vibrates and works at one place. No need to retrieve, just wait for attack, and give some action with the top of the rod, moving your lure few meters left and right, up and down. 

Some barbel are really big here, weight up to 5 kg or more, so you can expect high adrenaline action when you have it at the other side of line. To be honest sometimes it is difficult to get it out of the fast water. Some fish were unhooked after tough fight and some straightened the lure hook in my case. Breaking lines can be avoided by using braided line with the help of reel brakes. I found useful to have unhooking mat for gently removal of hooks, and to rest the fish during photo shooting before releasing it back to the river. So, try your Duo Realis Shad 59MR in rapids of your river and enjoy fishing your barbel and other fish species around the world with DUO lures (among other from your boxes) ;).

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vibration is important


Duo Realis Vibration series of plastic lures are designed to be successful bass catchers, but the largest model Vibration 68 seems to be "a must have lure" for catfish and other river predators. Since last year I have been fishing only few times with this lure, and almost each time I had specimen of this mustached fish on my rood. OK, till now all caught fish are not that big, but I have to admit that the largest catfish broke my braided fishing line and escaped with my lure in it's mustache. I couldn't stop it when it started to swim downstream, and I really think this was a nice trophy catfish, I'm dreaming to have on my photos in the future.

Design of this lure is absolute perfect for fishing in the rivers. Heavy enough with narrow profile looking from above has excellent casting abilities, and it is great for searching the areas in the river. It produces fantastic vibrations with sound effect that is irresistible to catfish. And not only to catfish. I have some chub on this lure, and smaller sized version 52 is great for asp. The main point is in leading this lure trough the river. I always use river currents as the energy without or with slow retrieving, allowing the lure to run along the river and holding my braided line tight. At the end I stop it and let it vibrate in the place on the edge of the river rapids, holding my rod high enough to place lure approximately 1 meter from the bottom of the river. It is important to feel the tiny vibration produced by lure in river current and just to hold the rod without any action waiting for fish to bite. You can let the lure for one minute to work on this way at one place, and than move it upstream slowly and repeat the procedure. Some fish will took lure in free swimming along the river current when you are just holding your braided line tight. The other fish will took lure when vibrates in the place or when lure is slowly retreived near the bank. Sometimes adding the action with the top of the rod helps, but this lure works for you without wasting your energy for any fast retrieving. Of course you can twitch it sometimes and add some moves with feeling to provoke the fish, but generally you need to use lures vibration and keep your energy to fight with the fish. It is well known that catfish is a great fighter, that deserves to be released like other fish back to water after a short photo session.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A chub story

This is a photo story about real game fish - chub, that lives in almost all inland waters in Croatia. You can find it in high mountain streams and rivers, as well as in large lowland rivers and lakes. Usually fishermen catch it with various fishing techniques and types of lures and baits, but it is a shame not to use fly rod and flies made by yourself. Sometimes it will took nymph type of flies or some jig bellow the surface, but the real thing is happening at the surface of the water. You can try with two types of flies. Imitations of large insects (grasshopper or bumblebee for example) or with a floating streamers that imitates small prey fish. This is a real sight fly fishing and your fly has to be thrown right at the fish head, but  fish should not see you at first. Long leader is necessary, but diameter should not be less than 0,18 mm.  Be quiet on the coast, and you can have fly fishing of your life, with a significant number of fish, some of which hits the edge of the 60 cm, and weight 3,5 kg or maybe more. The other fish species that can be simultaneously caught with chub in our large inland rivers is asp, but this is a part of another fishing story.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dry fly fishing with large flies

Dry fly fishing with large flies is one of my favorite ways of fishing. There is no better view of a few circles on the water, made by trout swallowing insects below and at the surface of the river. Targeting a meters upstream and wait for fly to disappear in a noisy whirlwind, with a happy end is an action that I could repeat endlessly. The only problem is that in the most of the cases trout will precisely ignore the fly and selectively eat the other insects, only a few centimeters away. But that’s the game I like. Not always easy, but sweet when you scored. This is exactly what happened with this beautiful brow trout at river Gacka. Swarming files is a daily ritual at this river. Mostly small Beathis Rhodani files are swallowed by trout below the surface, but at the evening you can see large sedge flies dancing at the surface. Fishing with the large sedge imitations is pretty cool, cause I like to see my fly well. Ok, maybe trout can see fraud easily, and it took me almost 10 minutes to persuade this brown, but it finally grabbed the offered fly. This was one of the prettiest brown trout I have caught on river Gacka in last few years, and excellent model to be photographed.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Seabass fishing in Laguna di Grado

Story and photo: Denis Savretic - Cekin

During one conversation about seabass fishing with Stefano Pisu from Seaspin company, he mentioned that there will be a seabass anglers meeting and competition in city of Grado in Italy, and that he would be glad if I came there. That’s an invitation that no one could refuse, so almost 5 months later I finally met Stefano in person on the entrance of Tenuta Primero camping site. 4 of us came from Croatia, Danijel from Predator fishing shop, my good friend Edo from Senj, Igor Virag known as Cedevita, and of course, me – Cekin.

Unfortunately for us, the weather was terrible. Long lasting winter and snowy water from nearby mountains was bad news, fish were still In deep water, and shallow terrain of Laguna di Grado was almost empty. But during the first day there was some action – Italian angler Paolo Nane, who was on the boat with me, caught a beautiful seabass weighting around 4kg on Duo Tide Minnow Slim, and my friend Edo had a nice seabass from the shore on the entrance of the marina of Tenuta Primero, weighting around 2.5 kilos. He caught it with Trigger X softbait. 

The competition itself was a big fail because there was not a single strike, and there were about 100 people fishing from their boats all over the lagoon. But the meeting itself was great, we met a lot of cool people, and our Danijel managed to win a first prize for the biggest fool of the year, because he fell in a hole like a Hobbit. Although there was very little action considering Seabass, we had a chance to see one of the best fishing terrains in the whole Adriatic sea, and meet some of the best Seabass Anglers from Grado and all around Italy, so it was definitely worth it! And I can’t wait to visit Grado again!

Praktični Ribolov Youtube channel

Praktični Ribolov is Croatian long-lasting fishing magazine and now available as Youtube channel. Father and son are filming video material...