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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Trophy of your dreams

Remember Tadej? We'll if you search the history of this blog you will find a few reports from him and his father, who are true experts for danube salmon (hucho hucho). Great memories reminds me to a common danube salmon fishing at river Sava Radovljica (near the house they live) during which one trophy fish of 98 cm size has been caught by my good friend Crni.

Yes, it was damn cold but it was worth freezing. Later I was regularly informed about any worthwhile catch Tadej and his father had, and now several years after Tadey is writing an email again. Magic border of 120 cm, and weight of 20 kg has been broken! What a huge fish and what is the best in this story about persistence and success are his words from email: " ... this trophy fish was returned back to it's kingdom". Well what to say, than well done and congratulations to the fish of size that is dream of many anglers!

This catch has been made with "Nidzina glavinjara" lure in trout decor. This is very popular hucho hucho lure here in the region.

More about Tadej from the history of this blog:

Monday, December 22, 2014

A new Fly Fishing blog

Connoisseurs of the fishing scene in Croatia and closer region certainly know who is Aleksandar Puskadija. Many know him as the best editor of fishing newspapers in Croatia and closer region, especially from the time when he launched Sportski Ribolov and Udica magazines, and he is a great fly fisherman and fly caster. For the generations of fishing journalists and anglers here in Croatia he was a mentor and elusive role model 

For the last few years we have been deprived of his professional fishing articles, but it has come to an end. For full month Sasa writes on his blog http://alpflyfishing1.blogspot.com/ and I can freely say this is probably the best thing that is happening now in the area of fishing media in former Yugoslavia. From now on fans of fly fishing will be able to enjoy his instructive texts and beautiful photographs and I'm sure many will improve their fly fishing skills following this blog. Blog is written on Croatian language, and it is a shame for all international visitors, but I still think that you can enjoy the content visually, and with the help of Google Translator understand what it written there.

Sasa na rainbow trout from river Gacka, from one of common fisheries
Except in the blog you can enjoy in his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/alpflyfishing/videos .

Monday, December 15, 2014

List of my favorite DUO lures

When I was asked to write a short text about Duo Lures for friendly Croatian web site spineri.com, I was searching my memory for some of the moments from now already several years hanging out with these toys, that are created for us who can’t grow up and still love to play in the sand and the water. I remember the date 26.07.2011 when I received e-mail from Martin, the manager of Duo Lures sales in which was the phrase "... and would like to ask you if you can consider reporting about our lures on your blog". At that time I was receiving a lot of e-mails from around the world as a reaction to my blog fishingincroatia.blogspot.com , and that mail made me very happy.  Soon I had the opportunity to fish with first Duo Lures samples and now after few years of experiences I made a list of my favorites. 

First Duo lure with whom I had the opportunity to fish was Duo Ryuki sinking 5 cm small toy. This little guy hunts various types of fish: perch, asp, chub, and is ideal for trout fishing in highland parts of the rivers, with rapids. Ryuki swim very nice in fast water and it is productive when sink trough the water levels. I believe this was one of the most popular Duo lures at all, and today is produced in various sizes, recently also in floating version. I think it's difficult to find light spinner angler here in Croatia who didn’t fish trout with this lure. 

If I have to choose one Duo lure which is like my "all-round" favorite, then it is Duo Moab 120F. "Mother of All Baits", partly deserves such noble name, because literally it hunt all important predatory fish: pike, zander, asp, bluefish, chub and bass. Its advantage is hunting in the shallow zone above the watery grass and near the surface. It respond nice to the rod work, and fish like to hit it  in the pause. When it is retrieved slowly and continuously below the surface it is one of the best hard lures for pike perch, believe me. The strongest color is Neo Pearl, great for all lighting conditions.

The lack In Duo lures offer are lures made for pike spinning. Definitely I miss the big swimbait lures and some silicone lures as well. Yet despite all the other “pike” designed lures from other brands  that I threw over the years, my personal record - pike of 107 cm was achieved with Duo Realis Jerkbait 120 model. The entire series is designed for bass, but this lure and some other like Moab 120F, are great pike lure too. Recently there's the deep runner DR  Jerkbait version with a length of 10 cm. 

Topwater lures and that madness of cooking water at the surface, whether it's about asp, bluefish or sea bass, are the cause of cardiac arrhythmia's in anglers. Due to the attractiveness and visual experience that is one of the most exciting forms of lure fishing, but sometimes the right action takes place a few feet’s too far away and out of reach. Therefore Duo Bay Ruf Manic 115 is flying extraordinarily far. You can work on the surface with a lot of noise and splashing, or softly with small tiny action, depends to the target fish like asp, bluefish or sea bass. This is required lure for Adriatic in my case.

For the end of this presentation, during which I have undeservedly bypass many models (like Tide Minnow Sprint 75 or Duo Realis Popper 64), here are my personal favorite lures for river rapids and barbell fishing. Duo Realis Shad 59 series hides three models different in length and beak and can reach different depths. This is why I love them, because depending on the flow of the river and the depth of the place where I fish, with one of these three models I can hit the real action. Favorite color again is neo pearl, especially effective in slightly blurred water.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Picking out the right spinning reel

Choosing the right spinning reel, that will perfectly meet your expectations and given money can be difficult in the world of modern fishing equipment and plenty of offers. So many models, brands and finally fishing stores are around, but what are the main attributes you would expect from your new reel? Of course size of the reel must be suited to the type and size of fish, but what is more important in addition. Is it a "name" of brand, weight, drag performance or gear ratio? Let's hear what the professionals are saying. On this excellent web site about best spinning reels http://best-spinningreels.com you can find answers. 42 Pro Tournament Anglers are exposing 3 main aspects they are looking in spinning reels in this article http://best-spinningreels.com/top-3-factors-in-spinning-reel/#Anthony%20Gagliardi Enjoy reading!

Praktični Ribolov Youtube channel

Praktični Ribolov is Croatian long-lasting fishing magazine and now available as Youtube channel. Father and son are filming video material...