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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Trailblazer Survival Kit

Well let's spread some words about one crowdfunding INDIEGOGO campaign that you as a nature and fishing lovers may be interested in.

Whether you are going camping, hiking or just want to be safe in emergency situation, now you can do it knowing that you have all the essential tools that will make your time spent in the wilds safe and comfortable. Trailblazer Survival Kit contains 40 different survival & protective tools & gadgets packed into a high quality waterproof backpack for your convenience. So...stay safe wherever your path may lead you... 

Trailblazer Survival Kit is your best friend in any kind of emergency situation...being stranded in the wild, lost in the forest or being a witness of a natural or man-made disaster (flood, earthquake, fire,...). In these situations you must rely only on your own skills and possessions you currently have with you. With Trailblazer Survival Kit, your odds of being safe and sound are much higher. You will have tools & gadgets that will help you stay warm, build shelter, find & hunt small animals & fish, purify water and protect yourself from the elements. Even a GPS tracker is a part of the package so your friends and loved ones can keep track of your whereabouts. This is a survival kit that any nature lover, hiker, camper or outdoorsman should have by his side. And, on top of it all, it is all packed in a high-quality waterproof backpack that you`ll know is always ready for whatever adventure lies in front of you.

How to get one?

It is simple, just become a backer of this project. Click on the perk that you want and wait for the Survival Kit to come to your adress (estimated in April  2017.). There are 2 editions of the Trailblazer Survival Kit. One is a basic version (Hiker Edition) with 20 most essential survival tools & gadgets and the other one is a full edition (Survivor Edition). You can compare the contents in the picture below.

Survival kit content photos you can see on project link:

Word from the Trailblazer Survival Kit designer

My name is Damir Zupanovic and I am a passionate angler and nature lover. During my fishing trips I often have to conquer uninhabited and sometimes harsh environment, especially during the winter fishing season. You can never predict what can happen in the wilds, and, after a few "incidents" I decided to make my weekend fishing trips safer and the idea of Trailblazer Survival Kit was born. It is funny how we sometimes don`t think about our own safety until one day we find ourselves in a life-threatening situation! After the research and after getting advice from survival experts, the contents of the survival kit was completed. I also want to make this kit available to everyone because I cannot emphasize enough the importance of being safe, warm, with shelter over your head and with food & water supply when you are stranded deep, alone in the unknown territory, with only your personal belongings, skills and luck by your side. Trailblazer Survival Kit turns the odds in your favor in these situations and really becomes your best friend in emergency situations. It is also a kit you can keep and store in your home, knowing you`ll be ready if any disaster strikes.

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The autumn rain, asp and Bay Ruf Manic

Autumn is an perfect period for fishing. Summer heats are gone, days are colder and river temperature is slowly cooled, what have positive influence on the fish appetite. River predators will seize every opportunity to fill up the stomach, as long as there are enough prey swimming around. Asp is a river predator, that attacks a schools of bleak (small fish species) especially at the surface of the river. Bay Ruf Manic is lure like no other, that won many anglers in a short period. I would say, if you are fan of top water fishing at rivers here in Croatia, probably you will not need other hard lure for asp. 

Top water fishing for asp is so dynamic, attractive and explosive, and today we had fishing from dreams on our local river Sava. The day starts with heavy rains and after few hours of raining, sun came out of the clouds. Friend Branimir and me started fishing with Bay Ruf Manic and in a short period without rain we had several attacks. First half was finished with 5 fish caught within the period of one hour of fishing. Than we made a short break and moved to another place. We thought that shoal of asp will have rest and will forget our lures during this peaceful period. Second location was not so good when another heavy rain started with thunderstorm, so we almost gave up.

We were sitting in a car, waiting the rain to stop and made a decision. We will go back to the first place and try to fish 20 minutes during the heaviest rain, until we get wet completely. We did it and had another series of attacks with several asp of decent sizes caught. Asp were less cautious during this raining period and took even different lure colors than the transparent one. At the end this was a nice "2 hours" fishing with a two half times. The dry one and the wet one. Both were good, but the fish aggression during second, wet half was something incredible and it was a pretty exciting to watch all that attacks and fish jumps over these mighty lures – Bay Ruf Manic in sizes 88, 95 and 115.

Praktični Ribolov Youtube channel

Praktični Ribolov is Croatian long-lasting fishing magazine and now available as Youtube channel. Father and son are filming video material...