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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Gacka brown trout

It is well known that brown trout in river Gacka grow up to five times faster than in other rivers. Quantity of brown trout increases each year and this year in average you can catch more brown than rainbow trout. Credit for the preservation of native Gacka river brown trout goes to "Croatian Centre for Indigenous Species of Fish and Crawfish in Karstic Waters - Otocac" and Gacka d.o.o.. This year more than 2000 fish, mostly native brown trout average size of 45 cm, were introduced in Catch & Release area which has been extended to the fifth bridge. Larger, old, nature brown trout you can catch specially in this downstream area which is not much visited by anglers like area in Licko Lesce around bridge and hotel. In our last fishing trip my friend Sasa and I had dozen of trout, mostly brown some of you can see on this photos, but the most beautiful brown trout larger than 60 cm caught by Sasa I didn't have opportunity to photograph. Sasa showed me a photo of fish taken by his mobile phone. This was pure, old and native brown trout, really beautiful and trophy fish what you can not see every day. That day we were fishing mainly near the bottom of the river with black streamers and heavy nymphs, and that conditions are created for using of sinking fly lines or sinking poly-leaders.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Heavy vibrations

It is already well known that Duo Lures Vibration models respond very well in river rapids and fast water. New, improved Vibration G-Fix models are even better in these conditions. Drastic increasing in weight and new shape in head area allow lure to easily sink through the river current, reaching the places were the fish are located, near the bottom. Both lures (Vibration and G-Fix) are very effective at our European rivers, and catch well many types of fish like asp, barbel, chub and catfish. They are recommended for fast researching of the river rapids. For me, there are no better lures for such conditions when you want to cast far away, be fast in searching, go deep and to have nice lure vibration in fast water. And just one hint for the end. Nearly all fish we caught were hooked in the lower/belly treble hook, so check the sharpness and condition of the same.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rafting at river Sava in Zagreb

Carp fishing competition - lake Oresje

Lake Oresje placed between Zagreb and  Samobor, are one of the best lakes for carp fishing in Croatia. From 11th to the 13th of April, 5th traditional carp fishing competition "Pavao Karabelj" with complete number of  17 teams will be held at the lake. Lake has a good population of carp, some are very big, so outside of this weekend you can plan your own carp fishing campaign here. Except carp, lake has plenty of pike, so take you lure box and spin rod if you are coming here. Daily license you can buy in the fishing house at the lake.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Perch fishing in Croatia - lake Stikada

Lake Stikada near Gracac town is home of the biggest perch in Croatia. Lake Stikada is managed by Nature Park "Velebit" and fishing association SRU "Pastrva". Daily license you can by directly from the ranger on the lake, but if you will stay there for a few days, it is more profitable to buy season ticket in SRU "Pastrva". Lake is placed in the Lika region, close to the seacoast. If you are on vacation, traveling in this direction and you want to catch some big perch or lake trout, this should be your stop on the way to the sea. For perch fishing we recommend usage of 5 - 8 g jig head hooks, and some silicone "fish like" lures like Sakura Slit Shad or Awaruna http://pontoon-21.com/5_products/Awaruna.html in  3" size.

More info you can read at: http://www.pastrva-gracac.com.hr/index.php

Praktični Ribolov Youtube channel

Praktični Ribolov is Croatian long-lasting fishing magazine and now available as Youtube channel. Father and son are filming video material...