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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dry fly fishing with large flies

Dry fly fishing with large flies is one of my favorite ways of fishing. There is no better view of a few circles on the water, made by trout swallowing insects below and at the surface of the river. Targeting a meters upstream and wait for fly to disappear in a noisy whirlwind, with a happy end is an action that I could repeat endlessly. The only problem is that in the most of the cases trout will precisely ignore the fly and selectively eat the other insects, only a few centimeters away. But that’s the game I like. Not always easy, but sweet when you scored. This is exactly what happened with this beautiful brow trout at river Gacka. Swarming files is a daily ritual at this river. Mostly small Beathis Rhodani files are swallowed by trout below the surface, but at the evening you can see large sedge flies dancing at the surface. Fishing with the large sedge imitations is pretty cool, cause I like to see my fly well. Ok, maybe trout can see fraud easily, and it took me almost 10 minutes to persuade this brown, but it finally grabbed the offered fly. This was one of the prettiest brown trout I have caught on river Gacka in last few years, and excellent model to be photographed.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Seabass fishing in Laguna di Grado

Story and photo: Denis Savretic - Cekin

During one conversation about seabass fishing with Stefano Pisu from Seaspin company, he mentioned that there will be a seabass anglers meeting and competition in city of Grado in Italy, and that he would be glad if I came there. That’s an invitation that no one could refuse, so almost 5 months later I finally met Stefano in person on the entrance of Tenuta Primero camping site. 4 of us came from Croatia, Danijel from Predator fishing shop, my good friend Edo from Senj, Igor Virag known as Cedevita, and of course, me – Cekin.

Unfortunately for us, the weather was terrible. Long lasting winter and snowy water from nearby mountains was bad news, fish were still In deep water, and shallow terrain of Laguna di Grado was almost empty. But during the first day there was some action – Italian angler Paolo Nane, who was on the boat with me, caught a beautiful seabass weighting around 4kg on Duo Tide Minnow Slim, and my friend Edo had a nice seabass from the shore on the entrance of the marina of Tenuta Primero, weighting around 2.5 kilos. He caught it with Trigger X softbait. 

The competition itself was a big fail because there was not a single strike, and there were about 100 people fishing from their boats all over the lagoon. But the meeting itself was great, we met a lot of cool people, and our Danijel managed to win a first prize for the biggest fool of the year, because he fell in a hole like a Hobbit. Although there was very little action considering Seabass, we had a chance to see one of the best fishing terrains in the whole Adriatic sea, and meet some of the best Seabass Anglers from Grado and all around Italy, so it was definitely worth it! And I can’t wait to visit Grado again!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

spineri.com novi web kutak za ljubitelje c&r varaličarenja

Nakon višemjesečne pripreme napokon je krenuo web sajt spineri.com iza kojeg stoje dragi prijatelji Goran i  Robi. Taj novi dijelić web-a namijenjen je ljubiteljima varaličarenja (nadam se i mušičarenja) i pobornicima Catch and Release ribolova, a poznavajući Robija bit će tu materijala i za ljubitelje dobre fotografije outdoor/ribolovne tematike. Za tekstove je primarno zadužen Goran - No Name i to me posebno veseli. Nakon prestanka izlaženja časopisa "Športski Ribolov" njegovo pero je nakratko zatupilo, no sada je tu opet motiviran i oran za pisanje o temama vezanim uz varaličarski ribolov.
Za početak tu je uvodna reportaža sa rijeke Krupe.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Forgetful fish

Here is a couple of photos taken on a fishing trip with my friend and the most famous fly fisherman and caster in Croatia - Aleksandar Sasa Puskadija. He's a licensed instructor in EFFA (European Fly Fishing Association), from whom you can always learn something useful, not just about fly casting but overall the fishing and journalism. This rainbow was briefly persuaded to bite his fly, and finally took a small dry fly. Few minutes after fish was released back into the river, it was carelessly grabbed flies from the surface, completely forgetting that it was caught about ten minutes earlier. How long the fish remember? Does anyone know a reliable answer? ;) Although there are prejudices that fish remember only a last few seconds, some studies have shown that fish remember the last 3 months, and at the same time very well distinguish between different shapes, colors and sounds. From this we can conclude that this rainbow was very hungry and it was not impressed with the fact that it was just caught by probably the best fly fisherman in Croatia. :)

video: Aleksandar Puskadija

Sunday, June 9, 2013

On the surface

One week after Croatian Bass Spin league has been held at Ivanec lakes, bass were pretty scarred so regular sight-fishing didn't give result as usual. Whatever we trow in area around the fish we saw, only made them scared. It was clear that we need to change the approach, and to target bass hidden in the bush far from the coast. So we got some fish on the silicone lures straight from the branches, but the biggest we caught with  poppers. Two have marked our day. Duo Realis Popper 64 http://www.duo-inc.co.jp/bass/en/realis/popper64/ and new Savage Gear Pop Prey 6.6. 

Ribolov Duo International Lures voblerima na Jadranu (2015.)

Već neko vrijeme razmišljam o tome da na blogu objavim starije tekstove koje sam pisao za neke časopise (uglavnom Praktični Ribolov). Ovo je...