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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

102 cm for the end of the season

Vladimir Cep is a real pike expert. For the end of this winter season he got one real mama! 102 cm long pike, took 20 cm long streamer. Hot spot is lake Zbilje on river Sava near Ljubljana capital of Slovenia. Great end of the season, and good reason to open a new season in April with some even bigger fish ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012


Users of Apple products like iPad can read some Internet pages in form of magazine. If you have iPad, download Flipboard application and you can read this blog easy and with more pleasure. Like real magazine, but without paper. How it works you can check on this two preview pictures. Looks pretty cool to me :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Brown trout in the box

Here are the few lures with brown trout design. Brown trout design lures are very popular in this area, especially for Danube Salmon fishing. The one at the first photo is "Mato" hand made lure, one of the most beautiful hand painted lures at the world. So beautiful that I don't throw it in the water at all in fear of loosing it. This one is proven lure for big Danube Salmon.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New DUO lure contest

New year, new Duo lure contest.

The question is:
What is your favourite size of lures?

The rules are staying the same as before – you have to be a fan of DUO at Facebook(www.facebook.com/DUOJPN) to apply.
Send your answers to duocontest@gmail.com and put “My favorite lure size” in the subject.

The deadline for the contest is 28th January, 5PM.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Seaspin = Freshwaterspin

180 mm ideal size for pike
SEASPIN is an Italian producer of high quality lures designed for fishing at the sea. Primarily made for fishing in the Mediterranean Sea and some species such as Barracuda, Bluefish, Seabass and Dorado, but these same lures can be used with excellent results in fresh water. In fact I think the most of lures produced in the world will work equally well at sea and in fresh waters.

Coixedda 100mm, a lure with specific head
A week ago I received a package with several copies of Seaspin lures (thanks to Stafano Pisu) and the first thing I noticed was Mommotti model that is produced in sizes 140, 180 and 190 mm​​, which makes it ideal for pike fishing. Also action and colors even made for sea are ideal for slow twitching / jerking pike fishing style. In just few hours of fishing in last few days I had 4 meetings with pike, and today I had one really nice fish on 180 mm ARB model. Since this is a pike time here, choosing big Mommotti lure was the right decision. Mommotti lures are slowly sinking, ideal for casting away even in strong winds, and in the water they are doing a small deflection from the axis of movement. Mommotti is in the fact jerk-bait that works great when twitching and slow retrieving with the breaks.

Mommotti 180 Type: slow floating jerking minnow, long casting / Lenght: 180 mm (7 “) /Weight: 26 g (13/14 oz) /Treble hooks: n°3 #4 /Depth Range: 50-70 cm (2-2.5 ft)
Mommotti 140 Type: slow sinking jerking minnow, long casting / Lenght: 140 cm (5.5 “) / Weight: 16 g (4/7oz) / Treble hooks: n°3 #6 / Depth Range: 50-70 cm (2-2.5 ft)

The other lure that made impression on me is 100 mm long Coixedda. Looks like ideal lure for seabass, pike perch and pike too. This lure with specific head is also slow sinking, long cast model that make more action in water than Mommotti. I think they will be great for Asp fishing at river Sava here.

Coixedda 100 Type: extra shallow sinking minnow, long casting / Lenght: 100 cm (3.9“) / Weight: 16 g (4/7oz) / Treble hooks: n°2 #6 / Depth Range: 10-40 cm (4 in-1.3 ft)

the kiss and goodbye :)
More information about Seaspin lures you can find at http://www.seaspin.com , and you can check Youtbe channel too http://www.youtube.com/user/SeaspinLures.

Here is one extreme fishing video with Stefano and big Mammotti in action:

For sure you will see more of Seaspin lures on this blog in next period.

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