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Friday, November 25, 2016

Chub and bugs

European chub is freshwater fish species from the Cyprinidae family, that both lives in rivers and in still waters. In rivers it can be found from the source to the mouth, even in the trout territory, but will always prefer quieter, calmer parts of the river flow. At these spots it can be noticed by the angler easily. All you need are polarized sunglasses and specially during sunny days you will see them slowly swimming near the surface of the river, often in society. Chub is omnivorous and feeds with different types of food of plant and animal origin. Therefore, is not picky as to the food. It will take different types of lures and flies, and special delicacy are insects that fall to the surface from the branches near the river bank. From these information you can conclude that Duo Shinmushi is a perfect lure for chub.

The most important rule while you are fishing, is not to be seen by the fish you would like to catch. You have to carefully and quietly move yourself near the bank of the river and throw your fly or lure to the spots where you see or expect chub. If you are not noticed by chub, it will take your lure without hesitation, but when first chub is caught, the rest from the company are gone. Than you have to move yourself to the next potential place, and to repeat all steps: stalking, be careful not to bee seen by the fish, throw your lure at the spot, catch the chub and again change the place. Surface fishing with Duo Lures Shinmushi is very funny and very similar to the dry fly fishing, that I enjoy the most.


Chub will sometimes take Shinmushi immediately after falling to the surface in standby “no moving” mode, but in the other hand will be attracted in moving mode with the specific, buzzing action Duo Shinmushi has, because of the wings and soft rubber legs. What to say at the end except that it is a different, good looking and efficient top water lure that will provide you a lot of fun, no matter do you catch bass, chub or any other type of fish predators.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Simply, fishing in Croatia...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Trailblazer Survival Kit

Well let's spread some words about one crowdfunding INDIEGOGO campaign that you as a nature and fishing lovers may be interested in.

Whether you are going camping, hiking or just want to be safe in emergency situation, now you can do it knowing that you have all the essential tools that will make your time spent in the wilds safe and comfortable. Trailblazer Survival Kit contains 40 different survival & protective tools & gadgets packed into a high quality waterproof backpack for your convenience. So...stay safe wherever your path may lead you... 

Trailblazer Survival Kit is your best friend in any kind of emergency situation...being stranded in the wild, lost in the forest or being a witness of a natural or man-made disaster (flood, earthquake, fire,...). In these situations you must rely only on your own skills and possessions you currently have with you. With Trailblazer Survival Kit, your odds of being safe and sound are much higher. You will have tools & gadgets that will help you stay warm, build shelter, find & hunt small animals & fish, purify water and protect yourself from the elements. Even a GPS tracker is a part of the package so your friends and loved ones can keep track of your whereabouts. This is a survival kit that any nature lover, hiker, camper or outdoorsman should have by his side. And, on top of it all, it is all packed in a high-quality waterproof backpack that you`ll know is always ready for whatever adventure lies in front of you.

How to get one?

It is simple, just become a backer of this project. Click on the perk that you want and wait for the Survival Kit to come to your adress (estimated in April  2017.). There are 2 editions of the Trailblazer Survival Kit. One is a basic version (Hiker Edition) with 20 most essential survival tools & gadgets and the other one is a full edition (Survivor Edition). You can compare the contents in the picture below.

Survival kit content photos you can see on project link:

Word from the Trailblazer Survival Kit designer

My name is Damir Zupanovic and I am a passionate angler and nature lover. During my fishing trips I often have to conquer uninhabited and sometimes harsh environment, especially during the winter fishing season. You can never predict what can happen in the wilds, and, after a few "incidents" I decided to make my weekend fishing trips safer and the idea of Trailblazer Survival Kit was born. It is funny how we sometimes don`t think about our own safety until one day we find ourselves in a life-threatening situation! After the research and after getting advice from survival experts, the contents of the survival kit was completed. I also want to make this kit available to everyone because I cannot emphasize enough the importance of being safe, warm, with shelter over your head and with food & water supply when you are stranded deep, alone in the unknown territory, with only your personal belongings, skills and luck by your side. Trailblazer Survival Kit turns the odds in your favor in these situations and really becomes your best friend in emergency situations. It is also a kit you can keep and store in your home, knowing you`ll be ready if any disaster strikes.

If you like this campaign please like it, donate and share with your friends...

The autumn rain, asp and Bay Ruf Manic

Autumn is an perfect period for fishing. Summer heats are gone, days are colder and river temperature is slowly cooled, what have positive influence on the fish appetite. River predators will seize every opportunity to fill up the stomach, as long as there are enough prey swimming around. Asp is a river predator, that attacks a schools of bleak (small fish species) especially at the surface of the river. Bay Ruf Manic is lure like no other, that won many anglers in a short period. I would say, if you are fan of top water fishing at rivers here in Croatia, probably you will not need other hard lure for asp. 

Top water fishing for asp is so dynamic, attractive and explosive, and today we had fishing from dreams on our local river Sava. The day starts with heavy rains and after few hours of raining, sun came out of the clouds. Friend Branimir and me started fishing with Bay Ruf Manic and in a short period without rain we had several attacks. First half was finished with 5 fish caught within the period of one hour of fishing. Than we made a short break and moved to another place. We thought that shoal of asp will have rest and will forget our lures during this peaceful period. Second location was not so good when another heavy rain started with thunderstorm, so we almost gave up.

We were sitting in a car, waiting the rain to stop and made a decision. We will go back to the first place and try to fish 20 minutes during the heaviest rain, until we get wet completely. We did it and had another series of attacks with several asp of decent sizes caught. Asp were less cautious during this raining period and took even different lure colors than the transparent one. At the end this was a nice "2 hours" fishing with a two half times. The dry one and the wet one. Both were good, but the fish aggression during second, wet half was something incredible and it was a pretty exciting to watch all that attacks and fish jumps over these mighty lures – Bay Ruf Manic in sizes 88, 95 and 115.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Novi život Trepetovih bajera

Trepetovi bajeri. Tu je do nedugo bio divlji deponij.

Tri mjeseca trebala su mi da objavim ovaj post. Isprike? Malo zauzetost regularnim kuća-posao i ostalim obavezama, a više lijenost ili iščekivanje inspiracije. Ipak, riječ je o temi s kojoj sam sentimentalno vezan, jer karlovački Trepetovi bajeri su većini zagrebačkih špinera mjesto od posebnog značaja. Prve pastrvske grgeče u životu tamo smo ulovili i rado se vraćali na taj splet zapuštenih jezera, koja su u to vrijeme uglavnom služila kao deponij otpada neodgovornim pojedincima, koji bi tamo ostavljali stvari koje im više nisu trebale: stare televizore, kućanske aparate, plastične flaše, pa i limene ljubimce. Uglavnom, bila je to otužna kombinacija devastirane prirode i jezera koja su vrvjela životom, a posebno su bila pogodna za rast i život pastrvskih grgeča, te alohtone riblje vrste koja kod nas ima puno pobornika, ali je u većini naših voda osuđena na propast.

Ovakve i veće primjerke sada možete loviti i obavezno vraćati natrag u jezero.
Potpuna kataklizma dogodila se ovdje prije par godina. Jezera su po tko zna koji puta presušila, ribe pomrle i voda je već bila zaboravljena od ribiča. Tada na scenu stupa nekolicina članova KŠR  Korana, mlađi dečki koji su zaljubljeni u "bassolov" i koji su uvjerili rukovodstvo društva da se bogatstvo karlovačkih voda ne treba temeljiti samo na profitabilnom šaranolovu i plovkarenju na rijekama u blizini. Dečki su zasukali rukave, uzeli "kramp i motiku" u ruke te počistili jezera, prokopali prolaze između njih kako više nikada ne bi ostala bez vode i ono što prvo pada u oko, odnijeli gomilu otpada koja se tamo desetljećima gomilala. Ponovo su naseljeni pastrvski grgeči koji su se lijepo primili i zaživjeli svoj novi život. Prošlo je par godina i jezera su procvala i uskrsnula u svakom pogledu. Prelijepa priroda sada prevladava nad divljim otpadom kojeg više nema, a voda je ponovo puna života. Uveden je "Ulovi i pusti" režim za pastrvskog grgeča, te se već sada love lijepi primjerci u rangu od 45 cm, a i više. Nemam riječi za pohvalu, osim da bum sada s puno više zadovoljstva kupovao dnevnu kartu i uživao u tih par ribolovnih izleta godišnje, guštajući u ovom poligonu za isprobavanje varalica i tehnika namijenjenih ribolovu pastrvskog grgeča. Živjeli nam Trepetovi bajeri ...

Prokopani prolazi između jezera jako su dobra mjesta za ribolov.
Lijepa priroda umjesto nekadašnjeg smetlišta.
Pastrvski grgeč ovdje se mrijesti kao rijetko gdje, pa možete vidjeti nekoliko generacija podmlatka za budućnost.
Najveći primjerci udarali su pred kraj dana.

Nice rainbow trout

A decent rainbow trout from river Krka (Slovenia) caught by Drago Forscek.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Black Savage i male morske radosti

Prvo da kažem da nisam baš neki ljubitelj "ultra ligh" spin ribolova. Više volim bacati nešto veće varalice i koristiti štapove u rangu od 10 - 60 grama, a ako se baš radi o mikro mamcima tu mi je puno draže mušičarenje, barem na slatkim vodama. Zaluđen "skosanjem" liganja s kraja i iz kajaka, nedugo sam se odlučio za korištenje "light range" štapova koji osim kod lova liganja na moru odlično služe kod ribolova ušata, šaruna, skuša i lokardi varalicom ili bez otežanja - "a volo" sistemom. Kako ne kupujem najjeftinije, a ni preskupe spin štapove, u cjenovnom razredu koji bi trebao biti dostupan svima, Savagear nudi više nego solidne štapove koji će vas dobro služiti na morskim putešestvijama. Dugo godina bio sam fan lakše verzije Jig & Spin štapa, kojeg sam pretprošle godine jednostavno zaboravio na mjestu lignjolova na otoku Pagu. Tragedija je još i veća, jer je na štapu bila i Shimano Stradic 2500 rola, sa špagom i dvije skosavice u tandemu. Nakon toga jedno vrijeme koristio sam Mayor Craft Solpara Egi štap, no kako sam ove godine došao u posjed Black Savage 5-18g Dropshot štapa, on je preuzeo primat u morskom light varaličarenju i lignjolovu u mom slučaju.

Sve u svemu, po mojem mišljenju štap je pravi bombončić. Brz i moderan blank, a opet osjetljiv i posebno obojen vrh, omogućuju savršeno čitanje onoga što se događa ispod površine mora, što je posebno bitno kod prepoznavanja dodira s krakovima lignje. Zabacivanje sa štapom je lagano, a egi skosavice u rasponu od 2,0 - 2,5 letjet će daleko, uz savršeno manevriranje i rad. Moguće je loviti i sa 3,0 skosavicama, iako je prethodno spomenut raspon idealan za štap ove deklarirane nosivosti. Nekako mi je važno kako štap stoji u ruci, te kakav grip/rukohvat ima, a ovaj izrađen od EVA spužvastog materijala dobro leži i ugodan je za korištenje. Ovog ljeta ulovio sam dosta liganja s njime i gušt kod "drilanja" je prisutan. Ulovio sam i nekolicinu riba, pa sa zadovoljstvom iščekujem nove odlaske na more u sezoni koja je tek počela. Informacije s Jadrana govore da se lignje lijepo love čak i s kraja, a na nekim lokacijama dobro se lovi i plava riba. Strijelke i brancini ipak su dio neke druge priče, iako će ovaj štap odlično poslužiti i kod varaličarenja brancina. Na slatkim vodama raspon mogučnosti korištenja ovog štapa je također velik, a posebno je namjenjen za korištenje dropshot tehnike.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

How to catch a fish in a few steps

Step 1. Tie a fly. I asked my fly tying master: "What fly should we tie for brown trout?" Some nymph that will be heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the river, said Macka. OK, lets tie some, but please stay away from this dubbing materials, this is not a mouse to play with.
Step 2. One rule said: "Fish is always on the other side of the river". So, go there...
Step 3. Walk upstream and spot the fish. This one looks decent and shows interest in offered fly.
Step 4. Bingo! Few casts later, a decent brow is in the landing net, ready to be released.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kayak bass fishing on the lake Crkveni Bok

Yup, we did it again! Kayak bass fishing day on the lake Crkveni Bok, here in Croatia. Still the best lake with bass in our country, worth a visit.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Duo Lures Bay Ruf Manic - transparent decor is efficient

Would you choose and purchase lure without color? Or to be more extreme, would you remove original color from your lure for some reason? I would and I know some other anglers who did it several times on this special lure - Duo Lures Bay Ruf Manic.

Anglers choose colors according to the subjective reasons and experience. Some colors are better in clear, some in murky water, but at the surface predatory fish sometimes react better if lure has no color at all. Bay Ruf Manic in transparent, clear decor is the best evidence. Countless times Bay Ruf Manic in transparent color achieve better results than in other colors, especially if we are talking about sea bass, bluefish and asp fishing. Lately it is hard to find Bay Ruf Manic in transparent or clear color at the market. It does not matter. Try to make a small modification on your lure alone with a piece of fine sandpaper by removing the original color, and lure will become transparent. It is not that hard and especially if your targets are asp and sea bass, I'm sure you will achieve better results.

Color removed by fine sandpaper