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Friday, December 31, 2010

Tropical fishing for Tilapia Chichlid fish in Slovenia

One species of Tilapia Cichlid fish can be found in one lake near Brežice town in Slovenia. Lake has thermal source of warm water, and temperature is always over 20 degrees even in winter time. Somebody put some Tilapia inside and now they are spawning and dominating in the lake... Nice for fishing with fly rod, even with dry file, or with light spinning techniques. You can fish also on match technique. They will took many types of food. Really beautiful exotic fish that is beloved among Cichlid aquarium enthusiasts (like me - I have Malawi Cichlids in my aquarium). I don't know if you can fish them anywhere in Europe except here! So if you want some exotic fishing adventure come to Brežice, and you will enjoy like we did... Just to add that all fish we caught are released back to water.

Croatian readers of fishing magazine "Praktični ribolov" will have exclusive report from this lake in next issue. Written by Dalien :)

Here is a short video clip Dalien made today.

Cheers and happy New Year with this tropical fishing report, from our last fishing day of this year :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

White St. Stephen's Day

It was a white and cold St.Stephen's Day but Dinko was warmed up with 4 beautiful pike. One hour of intensive pike feeding on Ontario lake was enough to warm our fishing souls. Miro had 2 pike also, and Dalien and me just for one missed bite each. Not bad if we know that half of the lake is still under the ice, and fishing was not possible at all till today :)

Merry Christmas to all blog readers!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Forza Fiume!

This weekend I was fishing with the owner of Polish fishing brand Fiume, my new fishing friend Rafal. Odra river was unpredictable again and we had only few bites, 2 small zander and one not even small pike... but anyway I'm happy after weekend. I saw really nice part of Odra river, and learn a lot from Rafal who is one of the best fishermen in Poland. His life is all about fishing. Great competitor in match fishing technique, and very good in spinning fishing too, organizer of fishing competitions in Poland, producer of fishing rods and accessories and owner of Fiume company, fishing journalist and one of main actors in the fishing show on television TRWAM. Now you can imagine how impressed I am after these two days. Especially when he showed me a storehouse of his company and all these fishing rods and stuff he is producing... some are really great like his Guardian spin fishing series, and all rods gives you great values for your money. I hope he will spread distribution outside of Poland as soon as possible and I wish him all luck, and thanks for guiding me to Odra river. :)
I'm sure that fishermen from our town Rijeka will like the name of this brand if it comes to Croatia one day! :)

Some TV fishing material you can see on this link, you just pick the number of the show you would like to see.

And here is Hunter wobbler produced by one good friend of Rafal, made specially for asp fishing... really nice and unique lure, I will try it for asp on my river Sava. One of the most popular silicone lure brand in Poland is Relax... really great stuff for pike perch, pike and other predatory fish.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

King and queen of river Sava

Yesterday was a day to remember! Tadey had one 91 cm long pike, and his father 92 cm long huchen. Real queen and king of river Sava near Radovljica town... Big sulec and ščuka, like they call it in Slovenia... Worth while catch... So congratulations to both happy fishermen!

Huchen fishing season started

Thanks to Tadej I know how does huchen looks this season. For me it is not possible to go for huchen fishing yet, but I'm glad that Tadej and his father are active again. This time they are catching with barbless jig hooks, so fish have more chance, but victory is much sweeter now. Even they have lost few fish, they are successful like always. See you Tadej, and have a big one!

Monday, November 15, 2010

VI Bass Fishing World Championship in Portugal, Alqueva

Full respect and congratulations for Croatian team, not only for being there, but for tremendous result achieved. Probably the best Croatian fisherman Josip Pecigoš and his colleague from the boat Siniša Pavlinić are individually 2nd at the World with great score.
Here are the results for first 3 boats on the World in year 2010.:
..................................................................................................................... penal.tot. |placement |weight| bass nr.| big bass
1 Mexico Box (B) Munch Alex, Munch Olaf |19,0| 3 -15 - 1| 13.402| 1 5 |1.988
2 Croatia Box (C) Pavlinic Sinisa, Pecigos Josip |22,0| 1 - 9 -12 | 9.964 | 1 5| 2.682 3
3 Portugal Box (A) Lopes Joaquim, Grosso João | 23,0| 14 - 7 - 2| 12.374| 1 5| 2.040

Complete Croatian team are at very good 7th place, and complete list looks like:
1. Portugal
2. Italy
3. Germany
4. Swaziland
5. Russia
6. Mexico
7. Croatia
8. Spain
9. Letonia
10. Poland
11. Romania
12. Venezuela

Just to mention that this is not the first World Championship fishing medal Josip Pecigoš won. Together with Željko Vedernjak, he was once 1.st at the World Carp Championship, so tell me is there any other fisherman at the World with 2 fishing medals from 2 complete different fishing category? My deep respect, and congratulations once more!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sandacz from river Odra

Just a few pictures from my fishing trip to river Odra near Wroclaw (Poland). It seems to be hard fishing river to me, even it looks like river Sava near my town Zagreb. Pike perch, or sandacz on Polish is maybe the most popular fish here, among perch, pike and cat fish...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kupa - long exposure photographs

Here are the photos of our friend Gregor from Slovenian town Kočevje. River Kupa is always interesting for shooting, this time in long exposure without fish and fishermen. Thank you Gregor! You can see more of his photography works on http://kostevc.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SUR-fishing "Marlin Madness"

My friend Chris arrived from Mexico with this great video stuff! Enjoy his sea adventures...

more on http://sur-fishing.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Perch and pike fishing in the abyss of Kruscica lake

And this fall again, I joined the guys from Predator fishing team in fishing on the accumulation Kruscica, one of the deepest lake in Croatia. This fascinating lake is situated in Lika region, on the same name river, and abounds in pike, catfish, carp and perch. On this fishing adventure target fish was a perch, and we can say that in Kruscica you can find the biggest perch in Croatia. Although we caught perch this fishing expedicion was marked by big fat pikes that attacked a small soft lures intended to perch.

(Ante Jukić)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Savage gear "Soft" 4Play in action

Savage gear "Soft" 4Play is a hot stuff! A follower of 4 Play hard lure that is famous among pike hunters , now brings different actions and a lot of ways "how to be rigged". Son it will be on market, and till then a few of lucky can enjoy in this silicone lure that is different than any other. It will be great for pike and in smaller version bass will love it too.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pike fishing in Slovenia

No Name and I spent a great day fishing with our new friends Vladimir and Robi in Slovenia. Pike were not active, Vladimir caught one and we had only few bites, but like someone said ... the worst day fishing is better than the best day at work :) Yes, I took a holiday yesterday, and when I look at this toothed beauty I know I need more fishing days ...

Thursday, October 7, 2010


U organizaciji ŠRK ŠODERICA iz Koprivnice održat će se 09.10.2010. ''Špin kup Šoderica'' Tradicionalno natjecanje u ovoj disciplini gdje se lovi iz čamca. Mjesto okupljanja određeno je na jezeru Šoderica kod Koprivnice ispred caffe bara ''Ribički dom'' u 7:00 sati do kada je poželjno da se svi zainteresirani okupe radi prijava ekipa te podjele čamaca za one koji ih nemaju. A da to vrijeme čekanja do same pripreme za natjecanje ne bude predugo, svima natjecateljima biti će ponuđen doručak koji je svake godine uz kavicu uspio probuditi i one najumornije. Snage će trebati svima pošto će samo natjecanje trajati pet sati, nakon čega slijedi ručak uz druženje i koju ribičku priču, te proglašenje pobjednika. Sve to nažalost ima i svoju cijenu , kotizacija za dvočlanu ekipu iznosi 300,00kn. Zbog specifičnosti natjecanja sve ekipe obavezno se moraju prijaviti najkasnije do 05.10.2010. a one ekipe koje nemaju čamac poželjno je da se prijave što prije jer je broj čamaca osiguranih od organizatora ograničen.
Prijave vršiti na telefon 091/532-9836 Hrvoje Kuzmić.

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