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Monday, March 23, 2015

First in the season

First days of the spring brought a really nice, sunny weather and quite warm days. Water temperature on the lake raised for a few degrees in last 2 weeks and now is slightly  above 10 degrees Celsius. Not much, but enough for gently wake-up call for bass population in Croatian lakes. Bass fishing in early spring time is not easy and every fish is a real reward for the effort. How fish are still very lethargic and lazy about taking food we need to offer them a slowly retrieved lures with rolling and wobbling actions and to my opinion it is important to keep the discipline of slow retrieving. Although that day I tried a whole range of Duo International Lures hard baits for bass including Vibration models, Cranks and Jerkbaits, my first bass of this year was caught with Spinbait 80 G-Fix lure. This lure with 2 propeller attached in the front and at the back of the lure should be retrieved really slowly and near to the bottom of the lake. This lure will not invite bass from the far distance like wobbling cranks or jerk-baits, but if you lead it slowly with its rolling action in front of the fish, it may inhale it. This year I will certainly dedicate more time to Spinbait lures and Spybaiting technique in search of some big bass in the deepest parts of the lakes. Of course during summer this lure is successful and effective near or at the surface. 

Second and bigger bass that day took one of my favorite lures – Moab 120F. Of course in Neo Pearl color. This bass followed lures from the shelter and very close to the boat I saw whirlpool behind the lure. I made a short pause and baaaam! – fish on. Nice bass and great beginning of the new season.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gacka season official started

Fly fishing season at Gacka river was officially opened last Sunday (15.03.), even it was allowed to fish since 1st of March. More than 80 fly fishermen from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in the opening ceremony organized by Gacka d.o.o., and in free fishing mostly at Catch and Release river district. Fishing was satisfactory, all anglers have caught at least few trout, even pressure on the river trout was high. This male rainbow trout specimen was my fish of the day. It was a great start and the season will be better with more sunny days and higher temperatures in the coming period.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The frozen anglers

Report from 08.03.2015.
The trout season started in Croatia with huge Gacka River water levels. The second option was a channel near the town of Prelog where more that 100 trout anglers participated on the opening day. Because of this, I always prefer to go to the Vitunjcica River where the water levels are more stable and low and the river is not visited by many. The opening day at Vitunjcica river was good for those few anglers who were fishing there. Everyone had a few nice trout, and Sanjin even caught a beautiful specimen of 75cm. 

The following week will be remembered for the strong northern winds that caused huge damages at the Croatian seacoast. The cold front affected the appetite of the trout in the river, so on this Saturday it was almost impossible to see any fish in the river. They were hiding under the banks or near the branches. Fabian and I tried everything, but we finished the day with only one decent fish caught by him: A nice rainbow trout that was caught in the warmest part of the day, when the wind briefly subsided.

It was a great feeling for the frozen anglers - and a moment of happiness for Fabijan. Later I had one smaller rainbow on the dry fly and early in the afternoon we decided to stop fishing and go home.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rainbow trout from the channel

Trout spin fishing is really popular here in Croatia and in wider Balkan area on the rivers and lakes where it is allowed to fish with lures. The most widespread trout species here is indigenous brown trout, but quite widespread is also the non-indigenous rainbow trout that rarely retains and generally do not spawn in our rivers. But there are expectations. Channel near Prelog town at the north of Croatia is the best and rare example where rainbow trout are spawning. Quality of water in this channel, richness of food and other factors contributes to the successful reproduction and to the rapid growth of rainbow trout, which are beautiful in appearance and great fighters on the other side of the fishing line.

Although when it comes to the trout I mainly practicing fly fishing, several times I became convinced in the efficiency of spinning lures like Ryuki Spearhead in sizes 45 and 50. I believe that Ryuki has been fully acclimated with our trout spin fishermen and it is an integral part of many lure boxes.

Two days ago my friends and I were fishing at this channel near Prelog town and I had plan to combine spin and fly-fishing together during whole day. An week long fishing pressure (more than 100 daily licenses were sold just at opening weekend 7 days ago) on this water has resulted in fact that trout were very cautious, so fishing was not easy. A certain part of big rainbow trout were still spawning and offered lures and flies were mainly refused by these fish. Despite these facts, significant number of trout up to 50-something cm in length have been successfully caught by many fishermen at the channel that day. Even I missed the chance to caught 2 maybe bigger fish I had on my fly rod, finally my biggest fish of the day (rainbow trout male) was caught with Ryuki 45 lure in "Prism Gill" color and that made me happy.

Similar like nymph flies, lures have to be leaded slightly near the bottom directly to the fish position. To my opinion the most efficient way of fishing is when lure is thrown upstream so the water can carries lure straight up to the fish mouth. What makes sinking Ryuki model so special is lively belly work when lure is not retrieved and is sinking trough the effluent water. On this way, sometimes it is enough just to hold contact with your lure and to invest less effort using the river energy to achieve a result and caught the fish. 

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