Rivers, lakes and the Adriatic. Great fishing possibilities! Hot spots, fish species and different fishing techniques. Enjoy nature and release these beautiful creatures.
On this blog you will find information about fishing here and details on numerous fishing spots in Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia and other countries in this region.

Come here for a holidays and bring your fishing rod! Tight lines! We support Catch & Release approach!
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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kit for sea monsters

Okuma rods and reels are very popular at the Adriatic, and many large fish are caught with them. Amberjack, Dentex and Leerfish are the common capital Adriatic fish who are seeking a strong and reliable supplies. Okuma Andros A-S-602MH (170-320g) rod and Salina 2 SAS2 16000 High Speed reel will meet all your expectations, especially in this price range. Finlay I got one kit, reel is filled with high quality Japanese Gosen 65lb braid and  I'm ready to fight with a sea monsters from my kayak this summer.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sweet Showcase

Cranks, Spinbaits, Jerkbaits, Popers, Pencils, Shads, Minows, Rozante and Vibration DUO lures... all sweets at one place in new colors. New DUO Realis catalog have to be checked. Enjoy!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Adriatic Adrenaline Fishing Trips

Croatia is a popular tourist destination mainly because of the Adriatic. Of course most of the tourists are there for leisure, entertainment and swimming in the sea, but some are familiar with the fishing opportunities offered by the sea. So if you're the kind of tourist who prefers fishing adventures, it is best to take a professional guide.

Zadar Boat company (Tredecim d.o.o.) iz organizing adrenaline fishing trips! You can rent a boat & equipment for fishing with very skilled skipper experienced in fishing and best fishing hot spots in the area, or without him. Food, drinks, baits and fishing licenses for guests included, and if necessary tips and tricks about fishing in the area.

It is possible to perform all kind of fishing techniques, with several most common like:
Dentex & Amberjack Live Bait Trolling

Experience the fishing of most popular Adriatic predators (Dentex & Amberjack) with live bait trolling technique in the cleanest waters among offshore islands and reefs. Fight with those big, strong and very delicious fish brings unforgettable experience!

Fishing A Various Delicious Adriatic Fish From The Rocky Bottom

Try out fishing sea bream, Adriatic grooper (scorpion fish), gilthead sea bream, john dory (zeus faber), two bended sea bream and many more other interesting and very delicious fish on offshore reefs and cliffs. Relaxing and very dynamic fishing where fish is biting all the time.

Fishing With Vertical Jigging, Inchiku & Kabura Tehnique

Fishing Adriatic predators (dentex, amberjack, john dory, scoriponfish, red porgy, sting-fish, sea bass, grouper etc.) with vertical jigging, inchiku & kabura tehnique. Very dynamic fishing on hot spot or in motion, which could cause many surprises and capital fish – catch of life!

Big Game Fishing Tuna And Swordfish – C & R

Experience the adrenaline fishing of biggest fish predators of the world – tuna & swordfish, using principle of Catch & Release. It is possible to fight with the biggest fish on the world - fish larger than a man!

Seabass And Leerfish Trolling

Try adrenaline fishing on popular predators from the muddy shallows along the coast - sea bass and leerfish. Find out how aggressive and big fish without fear are visiting the shallow water and beach. Leerfish can grow over 60 pounds (30 kg) and seabass over 30 pounds (15 kg). It is possible to hunt them with either artificial or live baits with trolling technique.

Catching Calamari (Squid) & Cuttlefish

Hunting on adriatic most exciting and delicious cephalopods - calamari (squid) & cuttlefish with various tehniques in motion and on hot spot. Possible hunting during the day and night, with best and most exciting period around sunset when the squid are most active.

The offer itself is not limited on the mentioned above, a lot of different fishing techniques requested from the guests or fishing guide as well as change of entertainment during fishing trip for dinamics, entertainment in order to achieve the best possible results. We can also arrange a visit to one of many restaurants or taverns that can offer you a national domestic food in a lot of hidden bays of Zadar county and beyond.There is a huge variety of services that can be arranged during trips, and one of them includes preparing catch-catering in beautiful and friendly island ports organized by Zadar Boat Company.

Contact info:
+385 98 95 65 306


Monday, July 14, 2014

Adapt to the situation

The same place on the river at different levels of water, requires a different approach when fishing with lures.

One day your shallow diving lure will perfectly stay and work in the water, causing the fish to attack. But the other day, after hard rain if water level is higher for 30 cm, you need different approach and lure to fish with. This situation requires medium or deep diving version, that will go deeper and will not be thrown out at the surface by the river, but will stay in the rapids and produce right lure action. DUO Realis Shad 59 is great bass lure, but will give you a lot of pleasure when fishing in the river rapids, like I’m using it for big barbel. Realis Shad 59 is produced in 2 versions SR (shallow) and MR (medium), and there is DR (deep) diving version that is 3 mm longer, so it has name Realis Shad 62 DR. With the different sizes and types of lure beak these lures will give you ability to lead them through different depths of water. Also, they are suspending and will give you chance to keep them in the place for a while, waiting for the fish bite.  At each potential place at the river you can try all 3 lures to see which one fits the best for this situation. Mostly, these lures will cover a wide range of situations you are facing every day in bass or other type of fishing, and they will react to the rod work you are doing. Recommended ways of giving the action to these lures are twitching with pauses, slow and fast retrieving, and keeping them in the one place at the river using the river speed to make them live. 

Fly Fishing Croatia - Small Stream Video

Wonderful video made by: Sasa Puskadija

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kayak bass fishing

Last Sunday I spent a nice day fishing at Crkveni Bok lake near Sisak town. While I was fishing from kayak, Dalien and our host Alija were fishing from the boat. The day was sunny and the most of fish I saw in the shallows and in the weed. They were feeding on the edge of grass not missing the chance for good food eating mostly small fish and frogs. The best approach was to fish with unweighted silicone lures mounted on worm hook (mostly I used Sakura Slit Shad 7,5 cm), even I had nice fishing on top water lures like Duo Realis Popper 64. The most of bass were aggressive and they attacked lures that I ran quite aggressively and fast for bass fishing. Mainly fish were smaller size, up to 35 cm, and rarely we have some around 40, but the quantity of caught bass was quite impressive. At the end I have to say thank to our hospitable host Alija, who was guiding us on the lake and prevent hunger and thirst in the tired anglers. Thanks a lot, and I'll be back with my kayak! Just to mention that this weekend Croatian Bass League will be held on this lake.

Praktični Ribolov Youtube channel

Praktični Ribolov is Croatian long-lasting fishing magazine and now available as Youtube channel. Father and son are filming video material...