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Monday, August 31, 2009

postacard from Komiza

This morning an MMS has been received on my mobile. My friend Ante Jukic is holding an beautiful seabass on the photo. 2 kg weight seabass took the piece of squid in Komiza on island Vis. This is great present for marriage anniversary Barbara and Ante are celebrating today. Congratulation Barbara and Ante, and have a good time on your holidays!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pike on fly...

... total fun :) I like the moment when pike attacks the streamer. Streamer can be big, and pike sometimes too! Good locations are numerous lakes, channels and rivers around. Specially good population of pikes can be found in Lonjsko polje, in region Podravina, on lake Kruscica , lake Vransko near Biograd na moru and in rivers like Mreznica, Drava, Lika... In Slovenia you will not miss if come to Kocevje on river Rizna or on Resko lake near this town.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

... from river Kupa

One day, two beautiful fish. One gorgeous brown trout caught by Miro, and one occasional contact with hucho hucho... Location - river Kupa, upstream from Brod na Kupi. Catch and release of course :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Few photos from river Kupica and one from Curak

River Kupica in Gorski Kotar is known as a good grayling spot. This year only dry fly fishing is allowed ....

Cool memories of winter hucho hucho

Last winter my friend Crni and I went to Slovenia with the hope to catch danube salmon / hucho hucho. Our dear friends Tadej and his father are living in place Radovljica near the river Sava, in the region that is well known for danube salmon fishing. They were great hosts to us, sharing their knowledge and guiding us to the best places at Sava. It is incredible that this is the same river that flows through our city Zagreb, that used to be a good place for danube salmon fishing in the first half of the last century (before the river dam were constructed in Slovenia). It was a damn cold! In extreme fishing conditions on the temperature of about -12 Celsius, we were fishing for whole 2 days. Finally, at the end of second day Crni got one 98 cm big fish:) What a monster and admirable fish! The river queen has been released back to the river after short photo session. Additionally here are the pictures of Tadej's trophy fish. Dear friends many thanks for this unique experience.

More info about fishing in this part of Slovenia on http://www.ribiskadruzinaradovljica.si

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Parts of nature ...

rivers Kupa, Dretulja and Gacka, lakes Trakoscan, Vransko and Jus on Rakitje...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Carp fever on Rakitje lakes

Rakitje lakes near main town Zagreb are popular between carp fishing anglers. Big carps in good conditions are gladly seen on carp rods, but if you like something else, try to catch them on fly rod. We are doing this occasionally and results are really good. Look at these photos, and if you are carp lovers please feel free to come here. You will not be disappointed!

Prikaz veće karte


Translation of my article published on www.pescador.cl is here. My friend Zeljko Vedernjak caught bigger carp on fly later (around 21 kg) :) Congratulations Zac!

THE MAGIC BORDER IS BROKEN - 20 kg carp caught on fly in Croatia

Even it is not the largest Croatian carp at all, it is probably the largest one caught on fly rod and artificial material in Croatia, maybe wider.

20 kg weight carp was caught and released on lake Rakitje near main town Zagreb in Croatia. This lake has catch and release rule, and has good population of big carps, and other fishes. I was too lucky to had this bite on my Hardy Marquise 7wt fly rod and this big fish took Wapsi "Egg yarn" fly pattern below the surface of the lake. Previously, I saw big shadow swimming slowly near the surface, and I tried few times to cast my fly in front of it. Finally fish took fly and after 10 minutes of fight it was weight with help of fishing colleague who fished near me. The weight and size of this fish are really big for such a tinny fly rod, but Hardy rod helped me to handle it right.

Usually I really like to catch all kinds of fish on fly rod, but common carp is the biggest sweet water species in Croatia suitable for flyfishing. This fish is really interesting specially when you can see it swimming near the surface of the lake. Flyfishing technique is than similar as a dry fly fishing for trouts. It is important to cast your imitation in front of the fish and if you are lucky fish will try it. Than you have second or two to tight the fly line. Second technique is when carps are feeding the ground bait. Than it is useful to use some type of ground baits like carp pellets to focus them on the small area. You should throw your fly in this area, and slowly moving it near the ground, while fish will swallow it. Carp can be very reserved to your bait and It is not easy to catch carp always, but if you are persistent enough the result will come.

For carp fly fishing I use some flies that imitate corn, and boilas, or some nymph. This carp is caught on "Egg yarn" pattern that is used for salmon egg imitation, but in this case it imitate highly visible boilas, and boilas are the most efficient carp bait, specially for big ones.

Sportski Ribolov magazine covers

Here are covers of Croatian fishing magazine "Sportski Ribolov" taken by my photo camera or with me holding a fish on a cover photo... special thanks to my friends Zac, Ante, Crni, Miro, Dalien and chief editor Vjeko :)

J.I.Z.Z. fishing crew #neknebudeisto

"Dakle, nas je četvorica - Josip, Ivan, Zoran, Zvonimir, odatle i dolazi kratica J.I.Z.Z. Fishing .  Većina nas je cijeli život ...